Summer Lull or Sales Game Changer - It’s Your Choice

During the summer life tends to slow down, and for sales people, the temptation can be to slack off a bit; after all, a lot of decision makers will be on vacation. Success-minded professionals know how to take advantage of this break. Summer can be the best time to learn new tricks, especially if they are taught by some of the top sales pros in the country and are available for free for a limited time only.

Increase Sales

From June 25 through July 20, savvy salespeople can take advantage of a new on-line career accelerator called the Sales Mastery Summit. During the three weeks of webcasts they can watch one new video each day in which one of the world’s 16 most talented sales gurus shares game-changing lessons that can be immediately applied to make anyone more effective in sales. For maximum convenience, the webcasts can be viewed from a smart phone or computer any time of the day whether the viewer is at work, at home or on vacation. And registration for the Summit is free at

Mary Poul, host of the Sales Mastery Summit, says, “The most successful sales pros never stop learning from the best. The Sales Mastery Summit covers the most important selling skills: getting their foot in the door, becoming the go-to advisor, and winning sales at the profit margins they desire. This is the easiest route to continuous improvement a sales pro could ever find.”

Just a few of the highlights of the extraordinarily comprehensive program include:

Sales techniques

Capitalizing on the No. 1 route to qualified prospects. One lead source leads to higher sales and faster sales cycles more than any other. Joanne Black, author of No More Cold Calling, is the authority on referral selling and shares how to effectively build it into your selling process.

Accelerating trust with skeptical buyers. Charlie Green and Andrea Howe, authors of The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook, share a genuine and effective way to build trust quickly right up to the C-suite.

Keeping prospects in a state of ‘gotta-have-it’ called Hot Cognition. Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything, shares why you can’t sell to an analyst, and how to create a state in which prospects are ruled by their emotions, setting aside logic and sale-stopping inhibitions.

What separates the top 20 percent of sales performers that now anyone can learn. Mike Bosworth and Ben Zoldan, authors of What Great Salespeople Do, reveal the skill top performers employ to gain trust and seal the deal (hint: it springs from the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and sociology.)

How procurement managers get sales people to drop price and counter-tactics to trump them. After leading a $3 billion procurement budget, Chris Provines, joined the creators of Negotiating with Backbone to level the playing field for sales reps. He shares eight common scenarios sales pro face with procurement and how to play each one - to win at your price.

Which favorite sales tactics are ready for the trash? One of the Top 25 most powerful thought leaders in B2B selling, Jill Konrath, weighs in on outdated tactics many sales people still rely on that turn buyers off in this era.

Mary Poul, creator and host of the Sales Mastery Summit, expects more than 60,000 sales professionals to participate in the webcast event. Registration for the Summit is free at


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